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Actress Etinosa Idemudia recounts days of abusive marriage 

ACTRESS Etinosa Idemudia was moved to tears while emotionally recounting the abuse she endured in her marriage

The divorced mother of one said that at some point, she used drugs as a form of escape from her toxic marriage.

Speaking on the WithChude show, the award-winning actress shared the heart wrenching tale of the horrific abuse that she endured from her former husband.

After getting married at 22 years old, she dealt with so much domestic abuse that she would make sure to be ‘doped up’ in order to cope with her ex-husband.

She narrated how her estranged husband once tortured her to confess if she was cheating on him.

Describing how bad things got, the Nigerian actress said, “See all those CIA films wey they go put person head inside bowl of water and torture you because they want to hear the truth whether you are cheating or not?”

According to her account, he tied her up and plunged her head into water in the night, threatening her to confess.

“I’m not your friend, I’m your Lord,” she added, saying that her estranged husband would often tell her as he beat her up.

She eventually summoned the courage to divorce her abusive husband and can now tell her story.

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