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FCT: Estate residents protest over planned demolition

THE residents of Abuja’s Trademore Estate closed its gates in protest over the Federal Capital Development Authority’s (FCDA) plans to demolish buildings there.

This is happening in light of flash floods that swamped homes and vehicles in the estate about a week ago—an annual occurrence at the height of the rainy season— which led to the estate being named a disaster zone a few days prior to this.

Reports reveal that on June 23, a rainstorm that began at 9 am caused a flash flood and traffic bottleneck which lead to individuals being stuck in their homes.

Following a significant downpour, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported that over 116 homes at the estate were submerged.

Despite the fact that nobody was hurt, Adewale Adenaike, the chairman of the residents association, said the association was concerned because the estate’s flash floods had started to occur on a yearly basis.

Which led to the FCTA’s permanent secretary, Olusade Adesola, declaring the Trademore region to be a disaster area in need of “immediate action to remedy further damages and loss of lives and properties.”

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