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Opposition parties challenge FG as Presidency condemns EU election observers’ report

TWO opposing political parties, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Labour Party (LP), have condemned the Presidency for rejecting the European Union’s (EU) final report on the presidential election of February 25.

The EU Observer Mission had highlighted “enduring systemic weaknesses” in the election, which the PDP and LP claim were not credible. However, the Presidency described the EU report as a “poorly done desk job” and refuted claims of election flaws.

The EU report offered 23 recommendations for electoral changes, highlighting the necessity of accountability, openness, and inclusivity meanwhile the Presidency declared that the general elections in 2023 as credible and well-organized while criticizing the EU’s methods for acquiring data.

Atiku’s special assistant Phrank Shaibu stated in a statement that the EU’s final report on the 2023 elections demonstrated that the results of the election were not a real reflection of the will of the people.

He contends that it is hypocritical for the Federal Government to accept EU election support while disregarding the results because they are unfavorable.

The National Publicity Secretary of the LP, Obiora Ifoh, concurred, stating that the president’s remark was an attempt to save face.

“It will interest the government to note that the European Union’s report is only one out of numerous submissions by other international Observers who have described the outcome of the election as a sham and an exercise that did not reflect the will of the majority of Nigerians,” Ifoh was quoted as saying.

He stressed that the “Labour Party stands by the position of the EU observation mission. We have always said that this election was massively rigged in favour of the APC and their candidate.

“What the FG is saying is just an afterthought and a shameless effort to mask the obvious. Even the blind can see, the deaf can hear and they know this election was manipulated.”

The PDP, LP, and several other opposition party members did embrace the conclusions of the EU study, emphasizing the need to contest the election results in court.

While the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) defended the election’s credibility, the EU report was seen as an opportunity for improvement rather than an indictment. The possibility of a Government of National Unity (GNU) in Nigeria was mentioned, adding complexity to the opposition’s response to the EU assessment.

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