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BENUE: Gunmen abduct two, kill volunteer guard

TWO persons have been kidnapped and one officer of the Benue State Volunteer Guards (BSCVG) has been fatally shot by gunmen thought to be bandits in the rural village of Ugba in the state’s Logo Local Government Area.

Residents in Makurdi reported that the event took place yesterday at 3 p.m.

According to the witnesses, the two hostages taken by the gunmen are the wife of the owner of the Gifted Nursery and Primary School in Ugba as well as Abraham Yangeve, the principal of Ugondo College in Ugba and known as Spaco.

They revealed that the robbery gang entered the town in a car, stole two other vehicles, an undisclosed sum of money, and telephone handsets from customers at Dex Joint, which is close to the Izupet fueling station where they also robbed their victims.

The volunteer guard was reportedly shot at a checkpoint where he and his coworkers had set up a barricade to stop the robbers from fleeing.

However, according to witnesses, the injured personnel was transported quickly to General Hospital, Ugba.

Also the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of BCVG, Ahokegh Collins Terkimbi, confirmed the incident by telephone, informing newsmen that the victims of the gunmen’s bullets were members of staff.

SP Catherine Anene, the spokesperson for the Benue Police Command, stated that she had not yet heard about the occurrence.

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