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Ireti Doyle returns with The Hidden

Screen goddess and all-around entertainer, Ireti Doyle returns to the screen on African Magic’s fiction thriller drama series, The Hidden.

   Speaking about the project, the mother of six, who doubles as the Executive Producer and Head Writer of ‘The Hidden’ said, “The story examines the human condition, which is inexhaustible and always needs to be updated.”

    “This project stretched me. I wore several hats and had several oversights alongside the mother of all – being Executive Producer, meaning that ultimately the buck stops at my table. I think that I handled it well without dropping too many balls,” she added. 

   Asked why she chose ‘The Hidden’ as her directorial debut, Ireti states: “This story was one of several in my drafts. It was created years ago and was originally called “Project Streetwise.” Same premise: the protagonist is someone that has experienced life and uses the same to help others. 

   “The main difference between the two is that the original story was centered on teenagers and young adults, while ‘The Hidden’ is centered on grown folks. When I summoned the courage to pitch, I looked through my drafts, chose the most viable, and tweaked it.

    For her, the inspiration for the project was to create a show and tell a simple story that was character driven. “I wanted to create a story world symbolic of hope and redemption – a safe space. 

   “The lead character is a composite of everyone’s favourite Auntie, the one people run to in times of trouble; because they know she’d have their back. People should expect to get caught up and invested in the characters’ lives and stories. They should also expect to be left feeling slightly uneasy but entertained”

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