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I’ve never been in a relationship – Actress Cynthia Salawu

ACTRESS cum skitmaker Cynthia Salawu has said she’s bothered because of her bad luck with men and relationships.

In a recent interview, Ms Salawu noted that although she’s not a virgin, she has never been lucky with guys.

She said: “I haven’t been in a relationship before. I just had friends. Sounds funny though, but it’s real. I have not been lucky with guys. I am not a virgin though. I know God’s time is the best. And I am patiently waiting for my Mr. Right. I deserve to be pampered and happy. I am from Edo State while my mother is from Delta but my man can come from any tribe. I don’t want to date or marry a politician; it’s a dirty game in this part of the world. Maybe an actor, yes, but I would still prefer to marry a normal guy. I like private life.”

Speaking on her career aspirations, Cynthia Salawu hopes to see her movies feature on different global streaming platforms and then smiling to the bank.

Hear her: “As a Skit maker, seeing my self successful and also producing my own cinema and Netflix movies will be my greatest happiness and fulfillment. I am really looking forward to that. But one thing I will not do is opening my body and doing some naughty stuffs to get there. It is a No-No for me, no matter the pay. I have acted so many skits and they are all matured and very decent. My personality matters alot to me. Money isn’t everything. I so much love my body and I will not even consider any form of liposuction. It’s too risky and I love being natural.”

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