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KANO: Former commissioner dismisses call for Tinubu to distance self from Ganduje

THE immediate past Commissioner for Information and Internal Affairs in Kano State, Muhammad Garba, has labelled as “mere gimmickry” a recent call made by Kabiru Dakata of the Movement Against Corruption (MACIN), urging President Bola Tinubu to distance himself from the former governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Ganduje.

Responding to the call by MACIN today, Garba said Dakata is being funded to tarnish Ganduje’s reputation in the eyes of Nigerians.

Garba also accused Dakata of hiding behind his ‘briefcase’ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to launch attacks on the former administration in the state.

“Dakata was recently seeking attention in the media and aiming for a possible appointment in the NNPP government in Kano. His newfound alliance with the NNPP government discredits him even as an analyst on current affairs, where he frequently features on radio programs to criticize the former administration in the state,” Garba said.

He further warned the public, especially the NGO community to be vigilant of individuals who are being paid to operate fake organizations with the intention of discrediting individuals, governments or organizations.

Garba gave an example of similar incidents in 2019, which according to him; fake NGOs emerged to discredit the Kano gubernatorial elections by sharing fabricated images of violence.

Garba noted that Dakata had recently appeared on a popular television station, allegedly sponsored, to justify the NNPP’s demolition activities in Kano.

Garba emphasized that President Tinubu and Ganduje shared a common vision and experience in governance and development, which is why they are frequently seen together.

He added that despite efforts to create a rift between them and hinder Ganduje’s chances of obtaining a political appointment from the President, the two leaders have remained united.

In response to Garba’s comments, Dakata denied the allegations, stating, “I am not being funded to discredit Ganduje or anyone else. My criticisms are based on my personal convictions and concerns for the betterment of Kano state. I have no hidden agenda or ulterior motives.”

The Movement Against Corruption (MACIN) also released a statement defending Dakata and reaffirming its commitment to promoting transparency and accountability in governance.

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