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Nigeria may record 700,000 unwanted pregnancies in 2023 – UNDP 

THE United Nations Population Fund says the challenge of funding family planning in the country may lead to increasing unwanted pregnancies and abortions.

It stated this at an event to mark the 2023 World Population Day organised by the National Population Commission in Abuja on Tuesday.

During a panel discussion titled ‘Dialogue on financing and investment in family planning: meeting the growing demand of Nigerian women’, Technical Specialist, Maternal & Reproductive Health, UNDP, Dr Adeela Khan, said that the funding gap for family planning was widening, increasing from $25m in last year to $32m in 2023.

According to her, this funding gap would lead to 700,000 unintended pregnancies, which would further lead to 300,000 unplanned births and 300,000 unsafe abortions.

She said, “Family planning programme is largely dependent on funding, and that is dwindling funding. As far as 2022, there was a gap of $25m. This year, we are looking at a gap of $32m. What is very important about this gap is that if you are casting it, there will be 700,000 unintended pregnancies, which will result in approximately 300,000 unplanned births and 300,000 unsafe abortions.”

Khan, however, noted that the government had been making some efforts through policies, such as the National Policy for Population and Sustainable Development in 2022, and financial commitment to ensuring family planning.

She added, “The Nigerian government has been recognising the importance of investing in family planning.”

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