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Actress Monalisa Stephen speaks on struggles of fat people in relationship

ACTRESS Monalisa Stephen says one of her exes once made her feel terrible when he told her out-of-the-blue he was dating her out of pity.

The actress made the revelation as a guest on the Feminine Expressions Podcast (FEP), co-hosted by Teso Uwaibi and Big Chief Enkay.

Speaking on the struggles of fat people on the dating scene, Stephen said she doesn’t desire to be with someone who isn’t proud to show her off.

She said, “I realise sometimes you may be dating someone and you don’t want to put them out or show them off. But there are people you’ll be dating and they’ll say they don’t want to go out with you in the afternoon, or to a public place.

“If someone is intentionally doing that to me, I wouldn’t even be dating that kind of person in the first place. You need to love all of me and be proud. It’s not even about fat or skinny — it’s what you do to a normal human being.

“One of my exes once told me he was dating me out of pity and that was the last time I saw him. I felt very bad, especially when the person is not up to your standard and you’re managing that person. That’s the last time I saw him because it wasn’t as if he was it.

“If they say that to any woman, you’ll feel bad, but then when I know I can attract better men, I checked out immediately.”

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