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Infidelity should not be tolerated or justified – Actress Juliet Ibrahim 

ACTRESS Juliet Ibrahim has said that infidelity is unhealthy and anyone advising women to stick with their cheating partners doesn’t mean well.

In a recent interview, the divorced mother of one said, “I firmly believe that advising someone, especially a woman, to stay in a relationship their partner’s infidelity solely for financial benefits is not a healthy or empowering approach. Each person deserves to be in a relationship based on mutual love, trust and respect. Infidelity should not be tolerated or justified based on financial considerations.”

“Instead, I encourage individuals to prioritise their emotional wellbeing, and make choices that align with their values and self-respect. Every individual deserves to be in a relationship that honours their worth and happiness.”

Speaking on how cyber bullies can be tamed, the actress said, “My suggestion for combating cyber-bullying requires a multi-faceted approach. Education and awareness campaigns can help users understand the consequences of their actions, and promote empathy online. Also, social media platforms should implement stricter policies and mechanisms to promptly identify and address instances of cyber bullying.

“Encouraging a culture of kindness and respect online is essential, and individuals should also take steps to protect themselves by blocking and reporting abusive accounts. Collaboration between platforms, users and organisations is vital to effectively handling cyberbullies and create a safer digital environment for everyone.”

On how she deals with bullies on the Internet, Ibrahim said, “Unfortunately, I have experienced cyber bullying in the past.

“The reasons for cyber bullying vary from personal attacks to disagreements or criticisms of my work. I handle such situations by focusing on my mental well-being and prioritising self-care. I believe in surrounding myself with a strong support system, and engaging with positive influences to overcome such challenges.”

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