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A Conversation with Professor Bolaji Akinyemi

Toyin falola Conversation

Please join us for a conversation with the renowned Nigerian professor of Political Science, Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister from 1985 to 1987, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi.

Sunday, August 13, 2023

5:00 PM Nigeria

11:00 AM Austin CST

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BOLAJI Akinyemi is a Professor of Political Science, prolific writer, diplomat & Fellow of the Social Science Academy of Nigeria. Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi was born in Ilesa, in today’s Osun State, on January 4, 1942. He holds a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s in International Affairs, Master’s in Law and Diplomacy, and Doctorate in Philosophy.

Professor Bolaji Akinyemi was a Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ibadan for five years. He subsequently served as the Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) for close to a decade, during which period he led a vibrant team that helped shape the nation’s foreign policy and international relations through his initiative of the concept of dialogue.

In 1985, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, during which time he conceived the idea of the ‘Concert of Medium Powers’ that sought to bring together World medium powers for using their collective bargaining power to mediate disputes within the international system. This idea was to help check the overbearing dominance of the then Super-Powers of the world.  One of his lasting legacies as Nigeria’s Minister of External Affairs was his origination of the Technical Aid Corps [akin to the US Peace Corps], a foreign policy tool that complements direct financial aid from Nigeria to ACP countries through skills exchange towards strengthening international understanding and cooperation.

He has since served as a Presidential Electoral Reform Committee member and Vice-Chairman of the highly-acclaimed 2014 National Constitutional Conference. Currently, he is Chairman of the National Think Tank.

Among other international assignments, he was a member — of the International Institute of Strategic Studies Committee on Regional Security Studies United Nations Group of Experts on Disarmament and Development. A Commander of the Federal Republic (CFR), this revolutionary in a bow tie is also a Fellow of the Centre for International Studies of the University of Cambridge, England and a Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs.

A prolific author with thirteen books, monographs and over 40 articles published in national and international academic journals, he has served as a Visiting Professor to numerous institutions, including the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Universities of Nairobi, California and St. John’s College, Cambridge.

He is happily married with children to Mrs. Rowena Jane Viney Akinyemi

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