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‘Moremi RSV’ is next on Lagos Theatre Series’ menu, Aug 5&6

THE third menu of the current season of Lagos Theatre Series (LTS) is on offer on August 5 & 6 at the Glover Memorial Hall, Customs Street, Lagos Island.

On stage for those two days, is Moremi RSV, a modern/contemporary stage adaptation of the popular Yoruba legend developed by Evolution Media as inspired by Sewedo Nupowaku and scripted by Ayodele Arigbabu in 2003.

Synopsis: “The play takes many liberties with the original legend, the key one being that it addresses the crisis which sees Moremi offer her child as a sacrifice to save her people, from that child’s perspective.

“Based on the legend of Moremi (The Yoruba Queen who through bravery and personal sacrifice liberates her people from external oppression), and drawing exciting inferences from the theme, adapting the tale to contemporary sensibilities, designed for family entertainment but with particular regard for youthful fantasies and energies.

“Arigbabu’s stage adaptation makes a parody out of the original legend, taking liberties with characterisation and plot interpretation. A near musical thriller/comedy is enacted in line with the original operatic interpretation done by the late theatre legend, Duro Ladipo. However, succinct communication is maintained on issues of responsibility, and choice, albeit in an irreverent fashion.”

The Lagos Theatre Series, known more by the acronym, ‘LTS’, was conceived in collaboration with the management of the Glover Memorial Hall, GMH. The ongoing first iteration is, however, to mark the 27th anniversary of the troupe of avid and well-applauded art makers, Crown Troupe of Africa, critically acclaimed as the city’s leading art production company.

The current season started in June with Golden Fleas, written and directed by Segun Adefila, and moved on to Wole Soyinka’s ‘The Road’ also directed by Adefila, in July.

Since first staged a decade ago, Moremi RSV has attained a somewhat iconic status on the Nigeria theatre circuit, in that when it was staged, it challenged quite a lot of storytelling and staging conventions, some of which indeed awed and shocked practitioners, and even critics.

“In the RSV, Moremi, lately widowed queen consort of Ife, displayed a passion for social causes early enough in the play when she led the successful rebellion of the market women against the extortionist excesses of their leader, thus earning herself the position of the new leader. But it is a joy short-lived as the Ugbo marauders choose the occasion of her installation ceremonies to once again raid the town, with the market being, as usual, their main target. Wares and women are despoiled in the process. The Ifes are no sissies, only maybe a little superstitious, for they have never really resisted the Igbo who, covered in grass, are unfathomable spirits to them. Perhaps for the personal turn that this social disgrace has now taken, Moremi soon vows to take action”, wrote Deji Toye, the lawyer, and multidimensional literary activist – playwright, poet, cartoonist, and frequent commentator on national and global affairs.


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About the Lagos Theatre Series

THE LTS is a project operated in collaboration with the management of the Glover Hall, the over-a- century-old facility currently managed by Lufodo Productions, founded by the Nigeria art-couple, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva.

Crown Troupe is a multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled and multi-focussed troupe of actors, poets, dancers, writers, art activists and culture advocates,

Led by the multi-talented artiste, Segun Adefila, the CTA, which describes itself as an “eclectic theatre company,” is staging s three plays in the first launch of the Lagos Theatre Series.

…’Twenty seven years of consciously committed theatre’

IN his usual poetic letter to the troupe’s patrons and general public, Adefila, in introducing the new project, writes:

It has been twenty seven years of consistent creative outbursts.

Twenty seven years of consciously committed theatre.

Twenty seven years of commitment to a cause  we believe in – the viability of the arts as a veritable instrument for social engineering.

This would not have been possible but for the special grace of God Almighty and those vessels of God –  you.

Yes, you.

You are the special people in our lives who keep encouraging us by acknowledging our modest contribution to the sustenance of live (or living) theatre. You believe in and support our dreams. You take time out of your tight schedule and expend your resources – to spend time with us at our events. We owe you all debts of gratitude.

To commemorate our twenty-seventh (27th) anniversary, we have been fortunate enough to secure a collaboration with that historical edifice – Glover Memorial Hall under the capable management of Lufodo Productions. The significant partnership has birthed a mini theatre season, tagged: GLOVER THEATRE SERIES. The pilot edition shall run for three months from June; the month of our anniversary, to the first week of August, culminating in our annual theatre feast, Eko Theatre Carnival (ETC). During this period, we shall be presenting three different play productions.

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