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From the moment you delivered
Buds of flesh, blood and water;
Beauty illuminated on our faces
As your smile radiates
The joy of motherhood
Because we’re just women.

From the moment of our delivery,
War awaits our fate
While foil awaits our toil
Because we’re women

The hard labor
Clothed in an African regalia
Soft as silk
And with the happy pains digging
Through our tunnel:
With deafening wailing that brings another
We are WE MEN

You knew of the sacrifices
That will cause regrets
When keeping us as virgins,
The galloping that will befall our pride
The pride that will attract labor
Which will peel our soul
With the Marchant’s razor
To make a roux
Of this vulnerable being
Because we’re we-men

The rumbling day assigns portion
That will feed in our sweat
For our strength is the sacrifice
To appease the god of fertility
Mama Africa’s tired waist is a dance danced
To the rhythm of her hoe
To alert rainfall;
To cause a busy channel at night
Because she’s a womb-man

The caressing sound
On her cheek
Has suggested Peace
For her troubled breast
That begs to suck from her own breast;
For needing a fabric
That will cover the sagged loom
That threaded Her children’s growth
And fed generations that we are fragile
Even when we-men wheel men.

You know of all these
And still allowed us to shed blood of tears
Appeasing thousands of gods
With a hoe?

Seeks for atonement
Believing that these blessings
Can only be a punishment for sins long committed
Blessed are you
With troops of warriors on heels,
Clothed in arm regalia of Women
Blessed are your nipped future
That points towards the mirror of yesterday
To remember that we’re today
WE-MEN and not just women
Born of a Womb-man

©️Melvis Ugo

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