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‘I’m depressed, Korra Obidi is destroying my reputation’ – Ex -husband, Justin Dean

JUSTIN Dean, the ex-husband of Korra Obidi has accused the dancer of ruining his reputation.

In a Facebook post, Dean said Obidi’s recent actions were making him “depressed”.

The American claimed the entertainer has been making money by portraying him as a horrible person, causing harm to his reputation and mental health.

He added that he used to support and love her, but not anymore after the “sustained efforts to destroy my life”.

“I said I was sick yesterday, I was not sick, I was depressed because my reputation, my life is being destroyed by my ex wife,” he said.

“And she is making a lot of money somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2 million dollars over the last year of how I am a horrible human being.

“My mental health is really suffering because I know it is not true and I cannot defend myself but at this point, it has gone too far.

“I was completely devoted to helping her achieve everything she want to achieve and I did that.

“Do I still love her? No! You cannot try to destroy a person’s life for over a year and half and still be in love with that person

“I should not even be making this video because it would be used against me in court. But I can categorically say that everything she said about my character is false.”

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