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IMO: Army read riot act to bandits as new commander assumes office

RESIDENTS of Imo State appear to have received some relief after bandits in the state were given the riot act by the 34 Artillery Brigade of the Nigerian Army in Imo State.

The new Commander of the Nigerian Army’s 34 Artillery Brigade in Imo State, Brigadier General Usman Lawal, soon after taking over at the Brigade Command headquarters in Obinze, vowed to hunt down and smoke out the bandits who have been troubling the state’s tranquility.

He noted that this is done to ensure that the criminals’ activities are kept to a minimal so Imo citizens can conduct their lawful business in peace.

Imo State has recently faced security issues brought on by the actions of gunmen and non-state actors, just like other South-East states.

The 34 Artillery Brigade of the Nigerian Army has been at the forefront of the fight against insecurity in the state, in conjunction with other state security agencies.

Brigadier General Sani Suleiman handed up command of the 34 Artillery Brigade in the state to Brigadier General Lawal after serving for 16 months.

The former brigade commander stated that the Nigerian Army had made significant efforts in recent months to stop the bandits’ operations and emphasized that they were continuing their fight.

A brigadier general in the Nigerian Army, Usman Lawal, swore to pursue the culprits in accordance with their orders.

The new brigadier commander was given a tour of the area while meeting with the men and officers of the command.

With the residents hanging on the assurances of the Army, Lawal said he is ready to tackle the security challenges in the state so the people can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and go about their lawful activities without any fear or intimidation.

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