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OGUN: Suspected poisonous alcohol kills six

SIX individuals have reportedly lost their lives due to the ingestion of a potentially toxic alcoholic beverage in Ogbogbo, located in the Ijebu-North East region of Ogun State.

The incident was verified by Omolola Odutola, the public relations officer for the Ogun State police command.

According to sources, the distressing event took place on Tuesday at a local hangout, where seven friends had gathered for a celebration.

It is reported that the fatal drink was allegedly provided by one of the friends who had brought it from his home, but suspiciously did not consume it himself.

Prior to the tragic incident, an intense argument had broken out among the friends but was eventually resolved. In the spirit of reconciliation, the individual who had abstained from drinking allegedly offered the bottle of alcohol that he had brought from home.

After their gathering, the six friends who had consumed the beverage went their separate ways. A few hours later, reports emerged that two of the friends had suddenly died, while four others had been rushed to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the remaining four hospitalized individuals also lost their lives the next day. The friend who had brought the drink and refrained from drinking it has reportedly gone into hiding since the incident.

When queried about the details, the police public relations officer chose not to comment on the number of affected individuals. She mentioned, “I can confirm that such an incident occurred, but the families involved have indicated that they do not wish to press charges. They prefer to focus on burying their loved ones.”

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