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If I’m dating someone, I can vouch for their character – BBNaija’s Neo

NEO Akpofure has stated his opinions on love and modesty on the new episode of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ podcast

While co-hosting the show on the topic of modesty, the Big Brother Naija star expressed that loving someone means accepting them and loving them just as they are; even if they dress immodestly.

He made this stance after he was asked for his opinion of the idea of ‘Immodesty in women’. 

In his words, “If that’s the person I love how you go crazy and that’s how you can be. Because naturally, if I’m dating someone I can vouch for your character and your person. Loving somebody is not controlling the person. If you love somebody, you have to let the person be the person.”

Going on, Oyinda and Sayo elaborated on the topic of modesty and how the concept is mostly infringed on women, as opposed to men. Oyinda expressed her firm belief that social conditioning has an impact on ideology, especially on women growing up.

To counter her point, Neo pointed out the fact that religion is also a huge factor behind modesty; especially in Nigeria.

“Religion plays one of the highest in religion. If you’re growing up in a house that you know is very Christian, you’re not allowed to wear skirts below your knees, growing up, you would naturally think that is your standard for modesty”, he explained.

They concluded that modesty is relative to each person and everyone ought to do what makes them happy.

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