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Subsidy removal: Nigerians buy fuel at cheapest rate – Eniola Badmus

 ACTRESS Eniola Badmus has stated that Nigerians buy fuel at the cheapest rate all over the world.

She shared her stance during an interview on media personality Daddy Freeze’s Instagram live stream. In an attempt to defend President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, she dragged social media users, calling them ‘keypad warriors’.⁣

In her words, “A lot of these keypad warriors do not even have an idea of what subsidy is. It was when they removed it that they knew what the government was doing. Even till now, I think we still buy the cheapest fuel in the world.”⁣

She went on state her reasons for her unwavering support for the President saying, “I believe him so much, I have seen what he has done and what he is still going to do. I’ve never seen a philanthropist as our current president.”⁣

Speaking rather passionately, Badmus stated her belief in his leadership capabilities and reinforced her support for him because he gives freely.⁣

“Whether he knows you, whether he does not know you…if baba hear your problem, it’s solved. We need a cheerful giver, someone that would have empathy for his people in his heart. we need someone that would understand us,” she said.⁣

The 40-year-old is known for her support of the Nigerian president; especially during his political campaign. Being fully aware of the public disapproval of her choice, she defended herself saying, “I have a right to choose whoever, and until he leaves the position, I would stand by them.”⁣

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