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LAGOS: Two killed, five injured in accident on Eko Bridge

TWO persons were killed and five others “seriously injured” in an accident that occurred on Wednesday on the popular Eko Bridge inward the Alaka area of Lagos State.

The accident involved six private vehicles including a fully loaded ‘MAC’ truck with registration number T-1501 LA.

Those injured and the remains of the deceased have been taken to a nearby General Hospital.

The Spokesman for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Adebayo Taofiq, in a statement, said a male and a female died in the accident.

“According to preliminary investigation, the loaded ‘MAC’ truck while on a top speed collided with 5 other private vehicles including a commercial mini bus (Korope) as a result of brakes failure.

“The six vehicles involved in the fatal accident include a fully loaded truck (T-150 IL), Lexus Jeep (LSP 795 EW), Toyota Camry (AKD 606 HH), Toyota (LND 217 GX), Mini-bus (FKJ 77 YG) and (LSR 952 HZ).”

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