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TARABA: Govt partners with US to improve mining, agriculture, education

TARABA State Governor, Agbu Kefas says his administration is prepared to improve the lots of citizens in all facets of the state’s economy in order to ensure that development reaches the nooks and crannies of the state.

The governor revealed this yesterday during a meeting with the US Embassy in Abuja to discuss potential areas of cooperation, trade, and support to the state.

Kefas outlined the administration’s priorities and the steps already taken to reposition the state, particularly in crucial industries like agriculture, health care, mining, and solid minerals, which will necessitate the assistance of the American government and private sector participation to fully realize the state’s potential for growth and development.

He added that the purpose of the mandatory free education policy at the primary and secondary levels is to relieve the burden on parents and to take a bold approach to the issue of insecurity by fighting it from the ground up.

He argued that many disputes, including those that the free education program that includes books, uniforms, teachers’ welfare, and infrastructure is intended to address, had their roots in poverty.

Kefas also asked the embassy’s assistance in the areas of cultural exchanges, the environment, and climate change, along with funding and capacity building for renewable energy, insecurity, economic development, and gender issues.

The embassy representatives pledged to promote tighter collaboration and enable connections with the US government and US businesses in the stated fields in a mutually advantageous way.

They recommended regional cooperation amongst nations so that American assistance through USAID and similar organizations can benefit a larger population.

The governor interacted positively with Katharine Habour, the head of economic affairs at the Embassy, David Frost, and Victoria Ibi, the political specialist.

Kefas had already visited the embassies of Germany, the European Union, the Czech Republic, and China as part of a deliberate effort to attract foreign investment and support promote his administration’s ambition to accelerate economic and social growth.

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