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I’ve been celibate for two years – Actress Juliet Njemanze

FAST-rising Nollywood actress, Juliet Njemanze, she is ready to remain celibate untill the right man comes along.

In a recent interview, the Imo State indigene said she has been single since her last relationship ended two years ago.

“My last relationship was 2 years ago. Since then, I have been single and celibate. Once anyone that’s worth it come along, I can reconsider. I am not a heart breaker. My relationship ended because things didn’t work out; we found out we were too different to be together,” she said. 

The Family Bloodline star actress also prided herself as a good kisser who is ready to play any role in Nollywood.

Hear her: “I can interpret any kind of character. The only character that is a No-No for me, is anyone that blasphemes against God or that speaks evil against His name. I am not going to involve myself in that. I think I can do anything else especially if it’s worth it. I can actually play any other role. 

In fact, I know I am very good at romance and kissing roles. I know a lot of Nollywood fans who look forward to seeing me kiss in movies. Someone once commented on social media that anytime they see play a lover in movies, they always want to watch where I kiss because I am a good kisser.  Yes. I know I can kiss real good. I am also yet to encounter mouth odour from any actor. I know they have actors who are bad kissers “

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