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IMO: Gunmen assassinate retired policeman, wife

THREE gunmen yesterday night, assassinated Sampson Owobo and his wife in Owerri, the capital of Imo State.

According to a source, Owobo was a former Assistant Superintendent of Police from Edo State.

The incident, which occurred at 8 p.m. next to the Chisco Transport company office, which also houses the Owerri Area police command office and the Owerri Urban Police Divisional headquarters on Egbu Road in Owerri, the state capital, confused residents and business owners.

While residents went inside and closed all doors leading to their flats, business owners shut their doors and ran home.

According to an unnamed eyewitness, the escaping armed robbers in a car were attempting to disposses the couple who managed a Point Of Sale business and their bag containing an unspecified amount of money.

When the three-man gang failed to take the bag of money, the horrified eyewitness alleged, they shot the retired ASP in the forehead, near to his eyes.

His wife was also shot at close range on her left side, near to her chest.

While the husband died on the spot, his wife was transported by police to the Federal Medical Centre in Owerri, where she was confirmed dead.

He said, “Three armed men just killed a husband and his wife. This incident happened close to the Chisco Transport company office which is very close to Owerri Police Area command headquarters and Owerri Urban Police Divisional headquarters, at the fire Service on Egbu Road-Owerri.

“The armed robbers were carrying pump action riffles and were trying to carry a bag containing money. The husband and wife run a POS business and also sell loaves of bread. When they could not succeed in carrying the bag of money, they shot the couple on closed ranges.

“They shot the man on a closed range at his forehead, closed to his eyes. They shot his wife on a close range too, at her left-hand side, very close to her chest. While the man died immediately, his wife who was bleeding profusely was pronounced dead at FMC-Owerri.

“The man’s name is Sampson Owobo. He hailed from Edo State. He is a retired police officer. He retired with the rank of ASP. He retired about five years ago or so.

“The armed robbers fled and haven’t been caught. This is so bad. This crime happened very close to the Owerri fire service police area command headquarters and the Owerri Urban Police Divisional headquarters.”

When contacted, the spokesperson for the police in the state, Henry Okoye, confirmed the murder of the couple and disclosed that the police in the state were on the trail of the fleeing suspects.

“The murder of the couple is highly condemnable. The CP frowns at the killing of the couple and he has immediately ordered an investigation into their killings with the mandate to apprehend the fleeing criminals.” Okoye said.

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