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Why I won’t join politics – Falz 

RAPPER Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz, has clarified his reasons behind his firm activism, and why he can’t join politics.

During his recent interview with Tacha on a Podcast show, the lawyer-cum-rapper disclosed that his compassion is the driving force behind his activism in Nigeria.

Falz said, “Compassion, I just care and I cannot afford to witness everything I witness and not say anything and not do anything about it. It’s just the way that I’m built. Nobody is putting fire on my backside and telling me that I must do this or I must do that, it just comes.”

When asked if he had any political aspirations, he blatantly affirmed that he has no intentions or interest in venturing into the political sphere. He went further to oblige people to understand that not all activists want to become politicians.

In his words, “I am not a politician, but I think that everyone should know what they want for themselves and focus on that. There are people that are activists that never really make that transition into politics. Not every activist you see is positioning themselves for political positions.”

Going back to his reasons, the rapper remarked that even though he is famous and does not ‘have to’, he is an activist because he cannot look past the injustices and not fight for better things.

He said, “I can afford not to like you said but in my mind, I feel like I cannot afford to ignore everything that I witness, and that’s my reason.”

Back in 2020 when the historic #ENDSARS protest took place, Falz was one of the most noticeable celebrities supporting it and on the front line. During this protest, Nigerian youths fought for the abolition of the rogue Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the police.

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