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We have the intellectual capacity to turn Nigeria around – Tinubu tells ministers

PRESIDENT Bola Tinubu has stated that his cabinet members have the talent and intellectual capacity to turn around Nigeria.

The President addressed newly sworn-in ministers today during the inaugural Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting at the State House in Abuja.

He told the new ministers that their daily actions reflected on the hopes and aspirations of 200 million fellow Nigerians adding that he will provide the focused leadership required to stop failure in its tracks and achieve long-term progress.

“We shall evolve a homegrown re-engineering of our finances, a reimagined stewardship of our resources, and we will let the economy work for the people of this country.

“There are so many things we can and will do. Yes, some cynics will say it is impossible. But in your own dictionary of service, everything is possible, and it must be possible,” the President said.

Tinubu expressed confidence that the carefully selected cabinet members know that his government is a new one with a new approach and a new mandate to deliver for Nigeria without any lamentation or excuses emphasising that anyone thinking that appointments are fixed term appointments are mistaken.

“We have the talent. We have the level of intellectual capacity required to turn this country around. We will make sure that the country is on the right path to succeed on behalf of more than 200 million Nigerians who rely on us,” the President said.

Tinubu said expectations are high and underperformance won’t be tolerated from any of his cabinet members.

“You and I know that expectations are high, and these are tough times. We must work hard and move ourselves to create a buoyant economy that will serve Nigeria. We have an employment rate that is unacceptable, and we are facing threats from climate change.

“In order to turn things around, you have been selected to perform your utmost best. Our policy implementation will reform the economy, ensure inclusive growth, and strengthen security for peace and prosperity. Without security, there can be no investment,” the President said.

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