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BBNaija Kiddwaya shares near-death experience 

BIG Brother Naija star Kiddwaya has disclosed that he was wrongly prescribed and put on blood pressure medication for three months, and it nearly cost him his life.

The reality star appeared as a guest, speaking with media personality Hero Daniels. There when asked about his lowest moment, he recounted his unpleasant experience during an anxiety attack after his time in the Big Brother Naija house in 2020.

According to his narration, this attack happened eight weeks after he left the house, and before then everything was fine. After experiencing uncommon symptoms, he panicked and assumed that he had contracted the COVID-19 virus which was rampant at the time.

He said, “In 2020 towards becoming famous. This was probably about eight weeks after the show. Everything was perfect, everything was good. One day, I was on my bed speaking to my cousin, then I stood up to go to the toilet, and my legs started shaking.This was during COVID-19 time. Then I kind of thought it was COVID. My legs started shaking and my tongue dried up when you can drink water but then it’s not entering. I had a vision blur. Obviously, I was starting to panic.”

Kiddwaya noted that after calling the doctor and being examined, it was observed that his blood pressure was higher than normal. Not knowing the exact reason for the spike in his blood pressure the medical practitioners put him on medication for it, which was the wrong move. Later, it was discovered that his symptoms came from an anxiety attack and the medication he was initially put on could have killed him eventually.

In his words, “The doctors checked my BP and said it was very very high but they couldn’t really figure out what it was. All they knew was that my BP was extremely high. So, they put me on BP drugs for months which was not what was supposed to be done. I actually could have died because what I had was an anxiety attack, it raised your BP high and then bring it back down to normal levels. They put me on BP drugs that was messing with my blood flow because I wasn’t supposed to be on it. And I was on it for three months. So, I could have had some serious implications.”

Kiddwaya recently re-entered the house as a member of the All Star season of the reality show, and was evicted on Sunday August 20, 2023 , making him the third evicted housemate.

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