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Why I rejected a serious suitor – Actress Trinity Ugonabo

ACTRESS Trinity Ugonabo, in a recent interview with Naijatimes, revealed how she was dealt a heavy heartbreak that turned her life around.
She also noted that she turned down a suitor who was serious about marrying her because she was in a relationship with the man who broke her heart.
She said:  “I’m single now and waiting for Mr. Right. I had rejected a serious suitor and that was because I was with someone who I thought would be my husband but ended up being someone else’s husband. I was severed breakfast, lunch and dinner at a spot but we move.
“Honestly, at the time, it wasn’t funny, but God being the master planner figured that, that particular relationship was the last thing I needed in my life. Now, I want a man  has penty money. Aside the money, he should have more money.  He should also have plenty wisdom and then above all let him love God, because it takes a man who knows and loves God to love a woman right.”
On the perception that Nollywood actresses don’t make a good wife, hence the continuous marital crisis, Ugonabo thinks otherwise.
“In my opinion there are quite a number of functional marriages in the industry, one bad marriage doesn’t mean ALL BAD MARRIAGE. Besides I have never been married. I have no idea what marriage let alone marriage crisis looks or feel like,” she stated.

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