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KANO: Govt approves N3.57b to sponsor oversea scholarship program for 550 students

THE Kano State government has approved N3.57 billion to sponsor an overseas scholarship program for 550 graduates with first-class degrees it’s 44 local government areas.

The decision was made at the most recent Executive Council meeting, which also approved a number of important initiatives.

“The Kano State Government is committed to nurturing and supporting our exceptional talent,” the state’s Information Commissioner Baba Halilu said in a press conference after the meeting yesterday.

“By sponsoring 550 first-class graduates, we are investing in the future leaders of our state.”

With chances for additional education overseas through the scholarship program, these graduates will be able to develop their skills and expertise. The state’s development of its human capital is anticipated to be significantly impacted by this action.

The government’s commitment to public health programs is demonstrated by the Council’s approval of N63 million in addition to the overseas scholarship program for the purchase of HIV test kits. The fund is anticipated to help in attempts to stop the virus’s spread within the state.

The Council also approved the allocation of N15 million for the spraying of mosquitoes in Kano State’s communities. This measure seeks to mitigate the health risks associated with mosquito-borne diseases and to ensure the well-being of residents.

Stakeholders believe these initiatives underscore the Kano State Government’s commitment to educational advancement, public health, and community welfare.

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