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Actress Mary Njoku reacts to Moyo Lawal’s leaked tape

ACTRESS Mary Remmy Njoku has blasted Nigerians for blaming her colleague, Moyo Lawal over her leaked tape.
In the wake of Moyo Lawal’s private tape, many have been slamming the actress for recording a bedroom tape of her and her man, especially with the increasing cases of leaked tape among celebrities.
Defending her, Mary Njoku who is close to Moyo Lawal, questioned why Nigerians always love to blame the victims.
She noted how when a person is a victim of rape, scam, theft, revenge porn, cheating, and more, we end up blaming them.
“Why do we always blame the victims? DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, you provoked hmm. SCAM you no sharp. Na only mumu person you dem dey scam BIGAMY’ why are you exposing your home. A good wife should cover her husband’s shame. LEAKED S3X TAPE. Why would you trust your fiance and goof around with someone you love?
If you have never been a victim before pray it never happens to you Nigeria. Cos you are doomed. Little wonder the culprits get away with it 90% of the time.
And if we continue to victimize victims, e go touch everybody las las. Shame on us”, the mother of three wrote.
It would be recalled that Moyo Lawal had earlier emphasized that the explicit private  video, which was made with her ex-partner when they were planning to marry, was never intended for public viewing, and she considers its distribution a breach of her personal boundaries and will seek legal actions.

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