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Ransom from kidnappings, means of funding terrorism – NSA

THE National Coordinator, National Counter-Terrorism Centre, Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), Rear Admiral Yaminu Musa (rtd), has stated that kidnapping for ransom has become a way for terrorists to support their activities.

He stated this at the ‘Anti-Kidnap Multi-Agency Fusion Cell Media and Communication Workshop’ in Abuja, organized by ONSA in partnership with the British High Commission.

“Kidnapping for ransom is also identified as one of the means of funding terrorism. Thus, carnage unleashed by kidnappers and in affiliation with terrorist groups all over the world leading to loss and disruption of lives and properties is a major concern, hence the need for collective efforts in advancing measures to check the threat,” he said.

The spokesman of the Department of State Service, Peter Afunanya, blamed kidnapping on political, economic and ideological factors.

“Also, there’s a disorientation in family values. The family as the most important aspect of society has broken down. Cultural values have also disappeared,” he said.

Afunanya said the DSS had established a special unit to tackle kidnapping.

The spokesman of the Nigeria Police Force, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, said: “Kidnapping has dimensions. A dimension came, it was kidnapping for ransom. Another came, the victims were kidnapped, ransom negotiated and then the victims were killed.

“Then there is a dimension whereby a victim is kidnapped, his abductors collect ransom then go ahead to kill the victim and still negotiate before the corpse is released?

“We need to break the conspiracy of silence. We’ll need to talk to our people to expose them. Kidnappers hide amongst our people and have their hideouts in communities. Our law should be strict about this.”

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