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Shefiu Mohammed, Allen Onyema, and the God of ‘small things’

Yam from his small farm in Jalingo.  That’s what  he was bringing with him to Lagos.

I was completely lost for words.

Why would anyone undertake such a long and hazardous journey by road in order to deliver a few tubers of Yam  to show gratitude to a benefactor? His response left me stupefied. He went on: he had already started his small cattle farm with a few calves. He only wanted to show Allen Onyema, again, how grateful he is.


I could not believe such simplicity of heart.

As I listened to his excited voice, I sobbed silently in admiration and respect for the man. I begged him to stop and not embark on the journey. I told him it was not worth all the risk and trouble. I promised that I would convey his gratitude for the umpteenth time  to Allen.


Reluctantly and painfully, Shefiu finally agreed to abort the trip, but not without extracting a promise from me to deliver his eternal gratitude to Dr. Allen Onyema.


So, here I am thinking about this simple and humble pilgrim.

The Creator of the endless Cosmos is the God of the big happenings in life, just as  the  ‘little things’ such as the heart of Shefiu Mohammed.
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