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Let’s make Nigeria work, Shettima tells lawmakers

VICE President Kashim Shettimma has stated that lawmakers are privileged to be entrusted with the country, and he urged them to work hard to improve Nigeria.

Shettima made the remarks while speaking to members today during a retreat organized by the National Assembly leadership in Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State.

“We are the luckiest among Nigerians; we are not better than our next-door neighbour. Yesterday, I hosted my classmate from the University of Ibadan, the MSc class of 1991,” he said.

“The best-graduating student in my class was one Oladipo. Oladipo is languishing as a DGM in one mediocre bank. He was the best-graduating student, and that goes to show that we are here not because we are the best of the best.”

Shettima noted that Nigeria has a critical role to place in global affairs and thus cannot afford to fail the black race.

“We are the representatives of our people, we are the representatives of the black men; that is the burden we carry. If Nigeria fails, the black man has failed, let us make Nigeria work,” Shettima maintained.

The Vice President further advised the legislators to exercise prudence when using their authority, stressing that it had been granted to them for the sake of the Nigerian people.

“Power is a gift from God. We are going to spend more of our lives outside power than in power. Power to me is a humbling experience. Power should be used for the good of the people,” he told the gathering.

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