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BBNaija All Stars: Soma, Angel profess love for each other

Big Brother Naija star Soma Anyama has stressed that his budding relationship with his fellow housemate Angel Smith is indeed very real.

The recently evicted housemates guest starred in an interview with Classic FM, speaking on their in-house relationship that has now become a fan favourite.
There, they stressed that they intend to keep their new-found relationship going, despite the public knowledge that they both had partners outside the house before going in.
According to Soma, their relationship was not planned upon entry into the Big Brother Naija house; neither of them had any plans to get into any relationships but nature had other plans as they grew a liking to each other over time.
He said, “We intend to keep our relationship going because it wasn’t just ‘the house’, it was real for us. It wasn’t a strategic ploy like some people think, no. It wasn’t something we came into the house planning like ‘Oh, when we get in we’re going to have a ship’, no I personally did not plan to ship with anybody and I doubt that she wanted to ship as well. It just happened.”
Angel, who was blushing while her Soma was speaking, noted that they intend to take things slowly. She disclosed this when the interviewer asked if their relationship was the next Teddy A and Bam Bam situation, noting that she and Soma are living in the moment.
Soma stressed that his connection with Angel was on a different level after establishing their friendship at the beginning of the All Stars season.
“I just gravitated naturally to her, we started off being friends then we connected on a different level after being friends. We connected on a deeper level. I told her that we had some chemistry and it happened naturally,” he added.
To top it off, the two dropped a bombshell on the viewers by disclosing that they both ended the respective relationships they were in before the house.

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