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NASARAWA: Kidnapped poly student regains freedom

A National Diploma student at the Nasarawa State-owned Isa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic in Lafia, Taye Ajoke, who was kidnapped on Monday, has been released.

Ajoke was released by her kidnappers after a N300,000 ransom was paid.

She was kidnapped after heavily armed men opened fire on her home, Ombi 1, which is two kilometers from the Polytechnic, and took her to an unknown location.

Two other students and an admissions applicant were shot at the incident.

Speaking to newsmen today, Ekom Ayaka, President of the Polytechnic Students Union Government, said Ajoke’s kidnappers had initially demanded N50 million but later reduced the ransom to N500,000 when they realized her family and well-wishers could not meet their earlier demand.

He went on to say that after many requests to the kidnappers for a lower ransom, they agreed to release her in exchange for N300,000.

He said, “We are grateful to God that Ajoke has been released by the bandits. She was released around 7pm on Wednesday after a ransom of N300,000 was paid.

“The kidnappers first wanted N50million but they later reduced the money to N500,000 when they understood that her family and friends will not be able to get such an amount.

“But after much appeal to them (kidnappers), they told her family to pay the sum of N300,000 that was in their possession. That was how she was released from captivity.”

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