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2024 budget: Be constructive in your criticisms – Abbas tells Nigerians

THE Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tajudeen Abbas, has urged Nigerians to contribute more substantively to nation-building and tone down their criticism of the government, this follows president Bola Tinubu’s submission to the National Assembly (NASS) of a proposed budget of N27.5 trillion for 2024.

Abbas spoke today at the House of Representatives Town Hall on the 2024 budget in Abuja, emphasizing lawmakers’ obligation to ensure that the annual allotment meets the requirements of every Nigerian citizen.

“I call on all of you to support the aspirations of this budget and suggest ways through which the National Assembly can strengthen the proposal to deliver better economic growth and development,” Abbas said.

“Your contributions must go beyond mere criticism to constructive and evidence-based suggestions on how we can improve the budget process and make the budget more responsive to the needs of all Nigerians.”

He urged everyone participating in public engagement to support the budget’s goals and make constructive, evidence-based suggestions.

While emphasizing the value of public participation, the speaker emphasized the importance of enhancing legislative oversight, as well as a commitment to ensuring that budget execution is consistent with legislative purpose.

“My fellow compatriots, I appeal and urge you to follow up with the oversight and supervision of the implementation process after passage,” said Abbas.

“Your participation can go a long way in strengthening and enhancing legislative oversight. We will leverage our expertise to ensure that the budget implementation aligns with legislative intent.”

Govt Is Aware Of Soaring Inflation

He also acknowledged the challenges posed by the rising inflation in the country on the masses and reassured Nigerians of the commitment of President Tinubu and the National Assembly to address these hardships.

“We are acutely aware that so many Nigerians are grappling with the challenges of soaring inflation,” he said.

“I wish to reassure all Nigerians that the president and the National Assembly are committed to addressing these hardships.”

He stated that the House Appropriations Committee will be fully involved in the overall budget process.

Abbas further stated that budget discussions for 2025 would be extended to the constituency level in order to increase inclusion and engagement with grassroots stakeholders.

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