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Buhari’s govt worst in Nigeria’s history – SDP Chair

THE National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Shehu Gabam has faulted the immediate past government of Muhammadu Buhari for failing to address Nigeria’s challenges, accusing it of bequeathing a comatose economy to President Bola Tinubu.

Gabam claims Tinubu inherited a terrible economy from Buhari.

“I have said several times that Buhari’s government is the worst that Nigeria has ever had. It is the consequence that President Bola Tinubu is suffering from because he knew he inherited an economy that has collapsed,” he said.

“He knew that he inherited an economy that had collapsed. His responsibility is to find the softer ways to revive the economy, not the harsh way because you cannot revive it in a day. When someone faints, it requires a lot of process to bring him back to life,” Gabam said but maintained that: “He inherited an economy that is in the ICU.”

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