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I’ve forgiven Jnr Pope – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie has disclosed the reason behind forgiving his late colleague, Junior Pope, despite the multiple betrayals he had experienced.
In a cautionary message to other Nollywood stars who engage in bringing others down, Edochie emphasized the importance of forgiveness in a world where human beings are inherently flawed.
Yesterday, on May 21, Yul Edochie had sparked a significant online discussion when he spoke about the betrayals he had endured from Junior Pope.
He expressed his disappointment, as he had considered Junior Pope to be like a brother, only to discover that he was actively betraying him behind his back.
However, in a new post, Yul Edochie said he chose to let go of the past and forgive Junior Pope.
He acknowledged that forgiveness is necessary, especially in a world where imperfections are prevalent.
Yul Edochie concluded by expressing his well wishes to Junior Pope’s family, signifying his genuine forgiveness and moving forward from the past.
He wrote in part …
“Speaking about forgiveness,
I forgive him completely.
It hurts deeply when a friend you love, took like a brother, stood for and shown love over
the years turns around to stab you in the back repeatedly
without remorse.
Sadly that’s the world we live in. Humans are filled with flaws.
To err is human, but to forgive is divine.
I forgive him & wish his family the very best.
Dear Nollywood & humanity, I hope this serves as a wake-up call.
Life is short & unpredictable.
None of us will be here forever.
Let us bring back love and unity
amongst us.
You gain nothing by trying to bring another person down.
The sky is big enough for all of us to
When you see your fellow man or woman having issues, don’t be that person who will add to the pain.”

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