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Democracy Day: I will never turn my back on you – Tinubu assures Nigerians

PRESIDENT Bola Tinubu has vowed never to turn his back on Nigerians.

He also urged Nigerians to bear the pains of economic reforms, saying the measures are necessary to put the nation on a sound economic footing.

He disclosed this in a national broadcast marking the 25th anniversary of Nigeria’s democracy.

Tinubu said, “As we continue to reform the economy, I shall always listen to the people and will never turn my back on you.”

President Tinubu also addressed the recent negotiations with organized labour on a new national minimum wage, stating that the government has negotiated in good faith and will soon send an executive bill to the National Assembly to enshrine the agreed-upon wage for the next five years or less.

He said it is important to have both political and economic democracy, urging the nation to continue working towards a brighter future.

The president acknowledged the economic difficulties faced by the country and the need for reforms to create a stronger foundation for growth.

He added, “In the end, our national greatness will not be achieved by travelling the easy road. It can only be achieved by taking the right one.

“The words of the American President Franklin Roosevelt certainly ring true: There are many ways of going forward. But only one way of standing still”!

“We dare not slumber lest the good things awaiting our immediate future pass us by. We dare not plant our feet in idle standstill in the middle of the intersection of hope and despair.

“We know the proper way forward and we shall take it! The initial rays of a brighter tomorrow now appear on the early horizon. An abundant future and our capacity to achieve that future lie within our reach. Democracy and the institutions it begets offer to take us to our profound destination.

“Let us board this progressive train together. Together, let us move Nigeria forward. Let’s continue to keep the fire of democracy burning. Let’s keep the torch lit for generations to come.”

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