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RIVERS: Govt to shut down poultries over disease outbreak

THE Rivers State Government has threatened to shut down illegal and unregistered poultry as part of the measures to check the outbreak of a killer-disease ravaging poultry farms across the state.

The outbreak of the newcastle disease was reported by some poultry farm owners who had lost thousands of birds about three weeks ago.

The Commissioner for Agriculture, Fred Kpakol, said the ministry was taking steps to identify the affected farms in order to get rid of the disease.

He, however, said the ministry would attend to only registered poultry farms.

Kpakol said, “We have taken steps in that direction. Before we have this flu, we had told the farmers; we had been on air asking poultry farmers to register with us.

“A lot of the places you see, just because of giving the information to the ministry of agriculture, they would hide and even site poultry farms unauthorized locations.

“If we see poultry farmers in places they are not supposed to be, we will close it down. We have to be very careful with some of the things we eat because zoonotic diseases follow from the point.

“We are aware of it. We are educating those that are under our data base. We are also doing everything possible and reaching out to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture for their support.”

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