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Eki Eboigbe announces date for Okikiro’s public performance

FOREMOST Artiste Manager and former Chairperson of the Lagos State Chapter of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP), Eki Faith Eboigbe, has revealed that there will be a public performance of the nationally acclaimed play “OKIKIRO” (Love of Nation).

The public performance is set to take place at the Art Theatre, Creative Art Department, University of Lagos, on Friday 2nd, December, 2022 at 2:30pm.

The writer noted that the play which has a moral theme is a clarion call to Nigerian youths to play their part in restoring glory and honour to their Motherland. She added that it seeks to re-ignite a sense of responsibility, unity, national pride and moral fortitude in the Nigerian youths.

She stated further that “OKIKIRO” is an avenue used to show ways that will ensure that the widening gap between youths and the values of the society is bridged.

“OKIKIRO portrays the conflict that breaks out in the once peaceful land of Okikiro and the wisdom with which the youths of the land tackled the seemingly many-headed monster to proffer a peaceful resolution, restoring peace to their land and justice to the culprits.” She said

OKIKIRO according to her, projects the message of LOVE, INTEGRITY and PATRIOTISM especially in a multi-ethnic and diverse cultural environment like Nigeria which is in urgent need of a ‘messiah’ who will free her from long-suffering and seemingly jinxed, ill-fated, retrogressions, and stagnated condition.

The theatre arts practitioner, also noted that the philosophy of the play is to position the YOUTH as the desired, long-awaited, sane, credible, dedicated and passionate role-models who have determined positive vision and a sense of integrity to resist and reject the pressure or temptation of corruption in any form which she believes is urgently needed in Nigeria. 

The producer emphasized that she is committed to creating, developing and producing artistically excellent and culturally diverse projects for the public to see as well as help review the state of affairs in Nigerian community. 

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