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Actress Ruth Kadiri recovers stolen car

ACTRESS Ruth Kadiri has revealed that she has not been herself for the past few days, following a harrowing incident of robbery.
Kadiri, who made this revelation Wednesday in a social media post, disclosed that the incident took place on the evening of Saturday, September 9.
Upon her return home, she was devastated to discover that her prized possession, a Range Rover Autobiography, had been stolen.
What made the situation even more distressing was the alleged involvement of one of her own employees.
In her post, she expressed her gratitude to all those who tirelessly supported her in the quest to find the culprit.
Special recognition was given to someone known as “Jboy” and his team for their unwavering assistance in resolving the case.
“I came back home two Saturdays ago (9th of September) to discover that my Range Rover autobiography had been stolen by one of my worker! The story long no be here! I just want to thank everyone who worked hard and supported us in finding the culprit @nedokonkwo @ms_dsf @ivd001 and the @lakunleoni @nigerianpolice. mostly Jboy and his squad and his God bless you all! May we never see shame!
“The culprit has been apprehended and the car recovered am just coming from a lot God bless you all”
The post concluded on a positive note, with the news that the culprit had been apprehended, and the stolen car successfully recovered. Kadiri expressed her profound gratitude, stating, “God bless you all!”

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